Franz Schubert's room

Franz Schubert used to be in a cozy room upstairs. The furnishings and period furniture come from the local manor house. It is known that it was here that he composed several beautiful compositions in which his impressions, experiences, his emotional relationship with the young Caroline Esterházy are captured.

The composer Franz Schubert (* 1797- 1928 †) worked in Želiezovce in 1818 and 1824 as a home music teacher for the daughters of Count Ján Karol Esterházy de Galanth.

The objects forming the exposition of the Museum and the memorial room of Franz Schubert in Želiezovce come from the collections of the Tekov Museum in Levice, but more than three quarters of the objects come from the private collection of the Želiezovce historian Pavel Polka.